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Alaris Holdings Ltd is a leading global radio frequency technology holding
company invested in building the world's best RF technology capability.

Our RF solutions

Year-end Message for 2023 from the Group CEO, Juergen Dresel

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, it's a moment of reflection and gratitude. As we bid farewell to the year, let's take a moment to appreciate the highlights and acknowledge the challenges we've encountered along the way.

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COJOT Increases Speed of Test Measurement

In striving for service excellence, COJOT continuously looks for new or improved ways of working.

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Our solutions serve the following markets

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Defence & Security

Our group designs and manufactures leading RF and microwave related equipment for the global defence, homeland security and policing markets, supporting international communication, electronic warfare and sensing system houses and semi- and governmental organizations tasked with keeping our lives and livelihoods safe and secure. Our solutions help to provide insights on how the radio spectrum is utilized to effectively help enforce compliance and prevent abuse of this valuable resource. Our fixed, mobile and portable radio direction finding antenna systems are best in class for detection and location.

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Test & Measurement

Our products support advanced RF and microwave test and measurement requirements, supplemented by decades of experience in the field of electromagnetic measurement and modelling, using advanced simulation tools and sophisticated computational resources.

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Science & Exploration

We design and manufacture standard and custom antenna and related RF/microwave electronics products that are used by academia and research organizations to explore the unseen, learn more about our world and develop exciting new enabling technologies.

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Our teams deliver some of the most hardy, robust and reliable RF solutions in the world, designed to work in some of the world's harshest and most unforgiving environments. Our products serve specialized telecommunications needs and help connect people an infrastructure, whether they are perched on the edge of a snowy mountain peak, held aloft at 39000 ft, or baking in the hottest deserts.

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The Alaris Group serves industries requiring specialized RF equipment used to measure, control, process and manage equipment and materials used in a variety of industrial applications. Our products support advanced RF and microwave test and measurement requirements, supplemented by decades of experience in the field of electromagnetic measurement and modelling.

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Our products are incorporated into some of the most promising new treatment systems developed by our customers in the healthcare space. There is enormous potential for RF and microwave technology to treat and diagnose conditions, ease pain, image the human body and improve peoples’ lives for the better.

We have a global footprint



We have more than 6000 specialised RF
products that serves several markets.



The Alaris Group grew by 60% in size
over the last 5 years.



Our products are used in a multitude of different
applications serving many different industries and services.

The Alaris Group

We are a dynamic group and of companies specializing in antenna and RF and microwave system design and manufacture.

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We take a
sustainable approach

By utilizing innovative technology, employing advanced engineering techniques, and sourcing materials with an eye toward sustainability, our Group is able to build innovative cutting-edge technology that out performs its competitors while preserving the natural environment from where our raw materials come.

Our team members are creative thinkers and innovators who are recognized by their peers internally and by our partners and customers for their efforts. Their commitment and dedication direct us as a company to be a steward of safety, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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